BENJAMIN’s Sponsors

BENJAMIN ChIld Support Society is an independent non-profit charitable organization, a Private Law Legal Entity based in Katerini and founded in 1994 following the decision numbered 148/1994 of the Court of First Instance of Katerini. BENJAMIN has left its mark on Greek society for many decades, with hundreds of actions and substantial assistance to single-parent families and their children in need. Over 1500 children have been supported since 1994 until today. A support that came from donations from members, friends and companies as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Apart from BENJAMIN himself the sponsors – companies that have chosen to support BENJAMIN, have been also benefited in the following areas:

    1. They support guaranteed reliable αξιόπιστο charity Association as the BENJAMIN has Special Certification as a Private Non-Profit Institution of Primary Social Care Government Gazette Issue B 4584 / 05-10-2021 Registration in the National Register of Private Non-Profit Institutions providing social care services with number 800245-1 / 09-02-2021 has been awarded 4 stars by the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of Peloponnese in the framework of the project “THALIS Evaluation of Greek Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs)”.
    2. They significantly increase their Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting the weakest members of our society, children in need
    3. They achieve their remunerative exposure both on the BENJAMIN’s Website and on Social Media where there are over 7,000 friends/followers with whatever advertising advantages can derive from this for the sponsoring companies themselves
    4. They are the first to receive the informative newsletter with the actions, collaborations, recent news and possible needs of ΒΕΝΙΑΜΙΝ.
    5. They enjoy wide visibility in advertising brochures, posters and banners of BENJAMIN events, workshops and seminars that become known inside and outside the city and additionally a representative of the sponsor will be invited to them.

If you wish your company to become a sponsor of BENJAMIN, please contact us at 2351024050 or electronically at

Katerini’s Municipality

Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS)

Masoutis Super Market

Super Market Sklavenitis

Support Committee for Children’s Institutions of Greece

Foundation in Chicago, USA that supports philanthropic Associations

Poultry farming
IT (Computer) Company
Loulis Group of Companies

E-shop in USA

Olive oil production & export company

Sportswear company

Pontians Cultural Group of Katerini “PANAGIA SOUMELA”

Cheese company


Water Bottling Company

Manufacture of brass components

Home Furniture

Fotiadi’s Farm

Hellenic Red Cross – Katerini Regional Department

Coca-Cola 3E

Thessaloniki’s Food Bank

Children’s Clothing Store

Fitness Studio

Company (Bulgaria) of automated logistics processes & Digital Transformation

Lions Team

Star Kids Center of Creational Preoccupation
“MACEDONIA” Bakery Ioannis Zanetas Iasonidi Str. 71

Electronic Security Systems Company

Christian Charity


Super Market

Super Market

Maxi – Paper Mill Company

Food industry

Designdrops Sprintzios Co | White Goods – Decorations – Lighting – Carpets

Production and marketing of extruded polystyrene products (XPS)

Perfume shop

Caterini Women’s Social Cooperative

Philanthropic Organization for Children

Platform that supports organizations through online shopping


Children’s College (Nursery)

Pizzaria – Restaurant

Disinfection of domestic & business premises

Salad Production Company

Women’s clothing store

Newspaper- News Portal

Meletlidis Bakery Store

Energy – Technical Company

Pierikos – Archelaos Sport Team

Association of Pieria Nurses
Kokelidis Insurances

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