Our mission

The Mission of BENJAMIN is to support until adulthood in their family environment, the children that are living under difficult conditions, deprived of family care, either because they are oprhans, fatherless, or because they have been abandoned.At the same time, BENJAMIN is offering (to the children) emotional support, security and stability, as well as every opportunity to succeed in life.
The Goal ofBENJAMIN is that these children should not live and face the difficulties of life like those the founders of BENJAMIN had lived during the hard years of their orphan childhood Of course the conditions are changing. But the lack of parents, the parental care, the difficulty of copying with the everyday needs remain, stigmatizing the innocent child souls.
It is at that point where BENJAMIN intervenes offering love, care and supporting these children with food and many more things according to its capability.

Our targets

The DCC will operate as an provider of open & closed social care services for children in need or at risk

Creating a Day Care Center (D.C.C)

Finding financial child supporters

We are looking for people who will undertake the annual financial support of a child

Food bank viability

Meeting BENJAMIN’s food needs through partnerships with companies, individuals and supporters

Volunteer network development

Activation and support of a Network of Volunteers to assist actions that will help improve the daily conditions of those in real need.

To help even more children in need

all over the Greece

Organizing & conducting workshops / seminars

for issues of interest to both beneficiary mothers, their children and generally all the society