• FAITH: God is BENJAMIN‘Sgreat supporter and to HIM belongs all the Glory for every success, while we are no more than useful tools in HIS hands.
  • INDIPENDENCE: Support is provided regardless of the political, ideological, religious, social or other situation of the child receiving the aid..
  • SERVICE: The purpose of BENJAMIN is to support psychologically, morally and financially children of single-parent families who are in need or at risk.
  • HONESTY – TRANSPARENCY: BENJAMIN succeeded all these years, since 1994, in remaining faithful to its goals,to support children in need or danger, through donations which come MAINLY from the members and from people all over the world who are sensitive to the needs of the children. BENJAMIN distinguishes responsibility, honesty and transparency at all levels. BENJAMIN distinguishes between responsibility, honesty and transparency at all levels.
  • VOLUNTEERING:BENJAMIN remains a volunteer-based organization