Voluntary Creative Workshop

BENJAMIN Child Support Society in the context of the psychological support and development of the supported single-parent families, created the« VOLUNTEER CREATIVE ” WORKSHOP”.
The purpose of the program is to promote the creativityof the supported families and childrenin an appropriately shaped space. As most of the beneficiaries lack work, the collaboration and production of handmade items contributes to their social reintegration, to the tightening of relationships between them and to the promotion of these products for sale and strengthening of their families. Alongside the supported children can be creatively employed and develop their skills in a protected and friendly environment. In the VOLUNTEER CREATIVE WORKSHOPthey are taught, among other things handicraft and sewing techniques, while thanks to the cooperative spirit the experiences of those involved are shared with all participants. By manufacturing themselves theproducts which will enrich BENJAMIN’s e-shop www. veniamin.gr ) but also our bazaars we will have the opportunity to make available products at better prices to the world so it will be easier for everyone to help BENJAMIN’s Goals through the purchase of these products.