Board of Directors – Organization Chart

BENJAMIN’s Board of Directors with the local Orthodox Bishop
of Katerini, Platamonas and Kitros Prefecture

All the important decisions are made of the unpaid and elected by the general assembly of iBENJAMIN’s members, Board of Directors based in the city of Katerini and there is no other above the Board either in Greece or abroad. No member ofBENJAMIN’S board is paid, while the President is administratively responsible to the Board, the General Assembly and legally to the state.
The daily routine is handled by a 3-member executive / management team consisting of paid staff and under the supervision of the President.

In 2009, with a change in the statute of the Association, we made an ‘opening’ to the society and so those who are aware of the needs of children at risk can become BENJAMIN’s members.

The BENJAMIN’s Board of Directors consists of:


Aristides Petridis, Non-commissioned officer of the Greek army


Harry Anastasiou, BENJAMIN’s Founder, Manager of IT Department of Liquor Control Board at Toronto, Canada


Eleni Tzagka, Educational


Dimitra Tsiamaltoupi


Anna Kefalas, USA Office’s Representative

Alternate members:
Athina Apatsidou -Pharmacist
Christina Apatsidou – Military Aviation Officer
Audit committee:
Evangelos Papanikolaou – Retired aviation officer,
Maria Petridou – State Employee
Christos Charalambides -Director of a LIDL super market at Katerini


The BENJAMIN Association has the legal support of the following lawyers:

  1. Brouskelis Charalambow, Layer Mobile Number: +306977507361
  2. Liakopoulos Athanasios, Lawyer, Mobile Number: +306977712328

who offer their services to BENJAMIN on a non-profit basis and whom we warmly thank for their initiative.

Technical Counselor

Kouskouridis Dimitrios
Πολιτικός & Ηλεκτρολόγος- Μηχανικός Civil & Electrical engineer
CEO Energy – Technical Company Cemcon (Volunteerily)


The possibility of cooperating with churches, social, cultural, sports organizations as well as with companies, in order to achieve the best result in the field of support for children at risk is a priority and a demand for the BENJAMIN. We extend an open invitation to the representatives of social organizations as well as church institutions who wish to get to know BENJAMIN and his action to get in touch with us so that together we can see ways of cooperation and offering support to the “child at risk”.