Our Vision

The President and the BENJAMIN’s board of directors have as a vision, the creation of a a Daily Child Social Care and Family Support Center (DCSC).

The creation of such a center, which is currently missing from our city, will help cope with child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, discrimination, inequality and poverty, affecting children and vulnerable groups, especially women -mothers of single-parent families.

DCSC’s Objectives

  1. Protection and care of children at risk

The Center will provide daily – open social care in order to:

  • Breaking the ‘circle’ of violence by stopping the flow of children from dysfunctional familiy and its abusive environment to the delinquency.
  • The avoidance of placing children at risk in structures of long-term hospitality, by providing intensive psychosocial care and their stay in the family, with systematic interventions and parallel support of its members.
  • The reduction of antisocial behavior and the consequent marginalization of children from dysfunctional families, the removal of their school and social exclusion, their socialization and integration.
  • The change of the risk situation of the beneficiaries and the transition from the situation of high to zero risk, by removing-mitigating the factors that constitute it.
  • The social integration and the consolidation of a healthy value system, with the integration in a stable environment, the development of stable and healthy relations, the cultivation of the potential and skills of the children.
  1. Family Support
  • The Center will also support the family members of the hosted children in order to strengthen the family to remove the causes that create family dysfunction.
  • We firmly believe that the operation of a DCSC as an alternative form of social care will bring significant benefits to society and the child protection system of the local community.

The creation of DCSC Center is a key part of BENJAMIN‘s vision and in all this effort we hope to have your help.