Camp program

The Leptokarya Camps (Bible center “Argos Zodiatis”) every year generously host children ofBENJAMIN at the facilities in beautiful Leptokarya, below Mount Olympus and next to the blue sea of Thermaikos Gulf. With sensitivity and in collaboration with BENJAMIN covered the costs of camp tuition for 25 children throughout the summer and the camp experience in the children’s lives was positive as they had carefree, happy times, creating valuable friendships in their lives.
This program has been operating since 2003 and through it 500 children have gone to this beautiful camp.
It is worth mentioning that among these children were orphans from Serbia (Nis) from the NATO bombings in 1999.
All children have the best memories of the precious moments at summer camp


Total annual program cost

The goal is to cover the entire amount from donations from individuals or businesses. More information at 23510-24050