Management executive team

The executive management team (Administrative Team) is made up of paid staff who manage all the issues of the daily life of BENJAMIN, under the supervision of the President Mr. Aristeidis Petridis and is accountable to BENJAMIN’s Board of Directors BENJAMIN .
The names of the executive management team per work field are these:

Tasks Categories

Social Care Department

  • Recording of beneficiary needs,
  • Ethical-Psychological Support
  • Communication with beneficiaries, coordination
  • Home visits to beneficiary families

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Responsible: Mary Petridou
Brief Information
Mary Petridou studied at the Department of History, Archeology & Social Anthropology of the University of Thessaly in Volos, majoring in Social Anthropology.
She was a volunteer social anthropologist of BENJAMIN and she is now an official member of the Executive Management Team.
Responsible: Eleni Costa
Brief Information

Eleni Kosta studied at the Department of Social Work of the Democritus University of Thrace in Komotini. She was a volunteer Social Worker of BENJAMIN and she is now a member of the Executive Management Team.

Social Care

  • Food Bank: Food Distribution to the mothers of the supported kids. Organizing, recording needs, ordering & storing food –
  • BENJAMN’s Coin Boxes: Development of a network of stores for placement, management
  • BENJAMIN’s Representation: In events, bazaars
Person in Charge: Mrs Nikoleta Apatsidou
Brief Information
Nikoleta Apatsidou was one of BENJAMIN’s first supportedchildren in its first operation years Having experienced the importance of BENJAMIN’s support BENJAMIN during her childhood, knows better than anyone the needs of single-parent families and their children.
She had been previously an elected alternate member of the Board of Directors of BENJAMINwilling to help where she has been asked to and has been working for BENJAMIN as a paid employee since 2018.

Technical - Accounting - Administrative Support

  • IT & Network Support& E-shop:
    Supervision, management, processing and repair of the computers and the network infrastructure,BENJAMIN’s offices . Editing BENJAMIN’s Official website as well as the operation of the E-shop
  • Administrative and Accounting SupportOrganizing, recording, storing all the BENJAMIN’s financial data o compiling & preparing all the necessary state /governmental documents
  • Data Protection Officer (D.P.O)Supervises the Import, storage & processing of personal data
Person in Charge: Mr Nikos Papadopoulos
Brief Information
Nick Papadopoulos holds an undergraduate degree from the School of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications & Networks of the Polytechnic School of the University of Thessaly and a postgraduate degree (M.Sc) from the same school specializing in “Computer, Network and Information Security”.».
He has also attended a special seminar on Private Data Protection with a corresponding certificate of attendance.
He has been working for BENJAMIN since 2012


  • Organization, improvement and wider promotion of the operation of the online store
  • Coordination of actions aimed at making known the work of BENJAMIN throughout Greece
  • Promotion of the work, actions and needsof BENJAMIN on Social Media (Social Media:Facebook, Instagram)