Monthly coverage of basic nutritional needs of the supported children in their family environment

BENJAMIN’s main program is the monthly coverage of basic nutritional needs of children who lack family care, in their own environment.
The first stepwhen we take over the support of a child, is our commitment to allocate a monthly allowance starting from €60, depending on the mother’s needs and the place of residence. So we give part of the monthly support in cash to the widowed mother or guardian herself through deposits into her bank account and the rest of the benefit in food vouchers.
Our second step,is to find one or more supporters (foster parents) , individuals, schools, families, shops, businesses, churches, to strengthen our effort and financially support a child.
For some people , it is a special blessing to completely take over the regular monthly support of a child. Others may allocate smaller amounts, starting at 25€ per month, that will be deposited into the supported bank account BENJAMIN on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis, or as is easier for them. Also, one can help by paying any amount to this program, an amount that is deductible from the donor’s taxable income, according to applicable law​​
Let us clarify that there is also the possibility of group financial underwriting (by a group of supporters). E.g. Colleagues from an office, members of a group or a cultural association can share the monthly cost of financial support and support one of BENJAMIN’s children.
To the supporter who wishes it, are given the legal receipts corresponding to the amount of financial support, a short biography and a photo of the child being taken over. Once a year the supported child’s photos are sent so that there is follow-up report on their progress. Also, the supporter can communicate (sometimes) with the child, send him cards, letters and photos of his family.
Since 1994, more than 1500 children have been supported in this program.
All these years one of the goals of the program is to help each child to grow up in their own family environment and not be given up for adoption.
Beyond the financial support, we try as much as we can to have regular (as much as possible) communication with all the children and their mothers, listening to the children’s needs and trying to provide solutions to them. At the same time, we try to give a little joy by organizing small celebrations or play days where the children and also the mothers will be able to spend a few pleasant moments.
Step 1: Deposit of the financial support to the supported mother's bank account
Deposit of an allowance 60€/month (depending on needs) from BENJAMIN to the beneficiary mother’s account. A portion of the amount is given directly in food vouchers for the children.
Step 2: Finding financial supporters / sponsors of a child
Finding financial supporters who will cover the child allowance with 25-50€ /monthy
Step 3: Deposit the supporter's donation to BENJAMIN

Deposit του of the supporter’s donation into BENJAMIN’s account

Step 4: Inform the sponsor about the child's news

Sending a legal receipt for the donation to supporters and a thank you letter from child and mother to the supporter

Our targets

Finding financial backers/underwriters

of the 63 children of BENJAMIN supported with this program, they do not yet have a financial supporter.

Number of beneficiary children & mothers

The goal is to find extra resources that will allow us to help even more mothers and children

Total annual program cost

The goal is to cover the entire amount from donations from individuals or businesses