Conference on “Modern problems of the family”

Conference on “Modern problems of the family”

BENJAMIN’s Conference

Taking into account the needs and pathologies of society through our daily interaction with single-parent families in crisis, families that have been victims of domestic violence, BENJAMIN Child Support Society organizes a conference on
«Modern problems of the family»

The purpose of the conference is, through the speeches of social scientists and psychologists, to raise awareness and inform the public about issues that concern families, such as domestic violence, and to give advice on preventing situations that bring family imbalance.

The addiction prevention and psychosocial health promotion center “ATRAKTOS” will also participate in BENJAMIN’s conference

The presentation on “Prevention of high-risk factors in family communication and life” will be presented by Mrs. Masiala Andreana, clinical psychologist of the center.

The conference will take place on Monday, October 17, from 19:00 to 21:00, at the Municipal Spiritual Center of Katerini.
There is access for people with disabilities

Arrival time 18:45
Free entrance

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