The Football Club Pierikos supports BENJAMIN

The Football Club Pierikos supports BENJAMIN

The administration of F.C Pierikos and the Katerini’s mayor Mr Kostas Koukodimos, made sure that once again, the historical club of Pieria would show its social face.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 14, at the office of the mayor of Katerinis Kostas Koukodimos, the President of Pierikos Stavros Natsiavas handed over a sum of 1,000 euros to the BENJAMIN’s president Mr Aris Petridis and to Mrs Apatsidou Nicoleta supervisor of the single parent families, in order to strengthen BENJAMIN’s great work.

The President of the “Beniamin” Association, Aris Petridis, expressed his thanks to both the President of Pierikos and the Mayor of Katerinis for their undivided and continuous support.

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